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Neighborhood Watch: Protecting Your Home from Break-ins When You’re Away

Neighborhood Watch: Protecting Your Home from Break-ins When You’re Away

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Spending time away from home while on a trip can be worrisome if there is no one left behind to keep the place secure. But leaving your house unattended is not an excuse to cancel your travel plans. Thankfully, there are precautionary measures you can take to protect your home from possible break-ins. Here are some ways to keep your house secure when you are away.

1. Enlist the help of family or friends. Make arrangements for family or friends to check your place regularly while you are away. Or you can have someone stay over throughout the duration of your trip.
You can also leave your contact details to your neighbor in case you need to be reached if they notice something suspicious. Enlisting of people you trust can make it easier to detect any signs of problem that may hint of a possible break-in or theft.

2. Suspend mail deliveries. If you are traveling for several days or weeks, you can arrange to have your mail deliveries temporarily suspended. Or you can ask a neighbor to collect your mails for you. A pile of mails at your post box or near your front door is usually one of the telltale signs that a property is currently unoccupied. If you want to maintain a lived-in look, make sure to have your mails collected and your yard well-maintained while you are traveling.

3. Keep plans private. Avoid sharing travel plans online regardless of how private you may think your privacy settings are. You should also switch off the location-based settings when using your smart phones to post updates online. It is much safer to keep information private, especially if you have to leave your home unoccupied for days.

4. Invest on good locks and check regularly. Check your locks, especially at your entry and other access doors. Have any broken or malfunctioning lock fixed before your scheduled trip. If necessary, install secondary security devices like deadbolts at your exterior doors. You should also inspect the exterior of your property. Take note of broken windows or fences that might need some repairs. Double check if you have locked the doors and windows properly before leaving.

5. Focus on year-round security. It is normal to feel anxious about possible break-ins at your house while you are away. But with foresight and appropriate security measures, you can breathe more easily even when you have to be on extended trips abroad. One of the best ways to take control of keeping your house secure is to focus on year-round security. Install good quality locks and conduct regular checks of your house and surroundings to ensure that your house is protected.