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What To Do In Calgary

What To Do In Calgary


Aside from tall skyscrapers and oil businesses, Calgary is also best known for great activities to do.

Here’s what to do in Calgary:

Visit film locations.

If you enjoyed watching 2015’s The Revenant starring Leonardo di Caprio and Tom Hardy, you’ll also enjoy going into the Badlands filming location. Other film locations in Calgary include Ranchman’s, a western-style dance hall where 2005’s Brokeback Mountain starring Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger shot Jack and Lauren’s first encounter; and Elbow Falls, a well-maintained nature reserve where 2012’s The Bourne Legacy starring Edward Norton and Jeremy Renner shot a few packed action scenes.

Try out late-night food and drinks.

Calgary is not just known for mouthwatering dishes and refreshing drinks. It’s known for mouthwatering dishes and refreshing drinks late at night. Some of the places offering late-night food and drink orders include Oak Tree Tavern, which is best known for its Brussel Sprouts dip and Sloppy Joe sandwiches; Silver Dragon, which is best known for its green onion pancakes; and Beer Revolution, which is best known for its pizza spring rolls and sticky curry wings.

Get relaxing massages.

You’ll probably never feel tired roaming around in Calgary the whole day because of their relaxing massages. Some of its best spa and massage centers include Exige Medi Spa for Thai massages, Riverside Spa for steam rooms, Stillwater Spa for hot tubs, and Oasis Wellness Centre & Spa for hot stone massages…

…and a whole lot more!

Visiting film locations. Trying out late-night food and drinks. Getting relaxing massages.

Indeed, Calgary has no shortage of great activities to do. Just remember to research more on what the city has to offer, as well as explore more on what nature has to offer.

Who knows? You might discover a rare gem for a place.

Do you know any other great activities to do in Calgary? Share them with us below!

5 of the Top Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Calgary

5 of the Top Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Calgary

bike path

Calgary is one of the places in the world to be if you love the outdoors. It boasts of thousands of hectares of green spaces and parks. Biking and hiking trails as well as pathways abound adding to the plethora of outdoor activities to choose from and enjoy. Here are some of the top outdoorsy things to do when in the city.


Calgary is a haven for biking enthusiasts with its 700 kilometers of bike trails. Cyclists can enjoy a good ride within the city using the extensive urban pathways. Those who are into mountain biking will likewise find plenty of trails to choose from that provide breathtaking views of stunning landscapes, lakes, and wildlife.


Caving may not be on top of many people’s must-do lists, but it is one activity worth exploring. Living or visiting in Calgary provides an opportunity to experience, and maybe get hooked, with what others may refer to as spelunking in the Canmore cave systems in Alberta. First-time cavers need not worry about lack of experience in caving. There are reputable tour operators with professional guides who can ably make the adventure fun, educational, and unforgettable.


Bow River is a popular destination for trout fishing. Catches may vary depending on the time of year. The river is home to a wide variety of fishes including brown trout, mountain whitefish, rainbow trout, and northern pike.


There is nothing quite like the experience of hiking in the wilderness. And in Calgary, there is no dearth of opportunities to go for a hike in scenic trails surrounded by nature. Grassi Lakes, Johnston’s Canyon, and Lake Louise Shoreline are excellent routes to start with for beginners. Intermediate level hikers can head to the Lake Agnes Tea House, Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House, and Sulphur Mountain trails. And for those who are fit enough to tackle the more difficult routes, the Ha Ling Peak, Moose Mountain, and Mount Yamnuska are a must-try.

Horseback Riding

For a city with a world-renowned equestrian facility, it should not come as a surprise that horseback riding is a popular activity. Those who want to learn how to ride do not lack options including the Griffin Valley Ranch that date back to more than fifty years.