How to Prepare to a Haunted Porch for Halloween with Spray-Paint


Get ready for Halloween with this haunted terrace scene! Let your house have a unique exterior design for the upcoming occasion.

You’ll need:

  • Drop cloth
  • Fastener
  • Impact driver
  • Lanterns
  • Miter saw (cordless)
  • Optional: Pumpkins
  • Paint colors: gray, orange, citrus green, and glossy orange
  • Pallet wood
  • Skulls
  • Spray-paint gun
  • Stencils

If you don’t have a sprayer yet, check out the best paintsprayers first.


Skull lanterns

  1. First, set up a spray area and protect it using a drop cloth. You can paint outdoors or in a properly-ventilated space.
  2. Prepare the skulls and the lanterns, making sure that they are clean and dry.
  3. Disassemble the lanterns by carefully separating the lid and the base. Lay the lantern’s top in front of the base.
  4. Install the gray paint in your spray gun and apply light coats onto the lid and base of the lanterns using sweeping motions. Ensure that your spray gun’s nozzle is about 8-10 inches away from the surface. Set them aside and let them dry.

Halloween Signs

  1. Arrange the vertical braces and join the pallet wood together.
  2. Use a cordless miter saw to cut the braces. The length depends on you.
  3. Use the impact driver and the fasteners to attach the braces to the pallet wood.
  4. Put stencils and spray them onto the wood using your spray gun with gray color.
  5. Remove the paint from your spray paint gun, clean the gun with water, until no paint shows up when you spray the gun. Leave it to dry.

Skull lanterns (continuation)


  1. Tape the skulls off, let their eyes exposed.
  2. Add the glossy orange paint in your spray gun and spray the skulls with the same motion as earlier. You may want to apply orange-colored glow-in-the-dark paint too. Set the skulls aside. Leave them to dry.
  3. Once the skulls are dry, take off the tape and put one skull inside each lantern you previously prepared. Now place back the lids onto the lanterns.

Halloween Signs (continuation)

  1. Since your spray gun is already installed with glossy orange paint, spray paint using the stencils onto the wood as well.
  2. Repeat step #9 and install the citrus green paint in your spray gun. Again, use stencils and spray.
  3. Give the paint time to dry completely.



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